“The time is always right to do what is right.”


Throughout history, humanity's guided to seek its truth. How we got here and now has been painted by those before us; we are a product, and function, of what has come before. And the future has never been as exciting.

Modernity has unleashed almost unlimited possibilities. But it is just this uncertainty for what the future holds, that has driven us to find for a better way.

What future do you want? Do you get to decide? FONZ was born from these questions.

To act in a world where third and second order effects are prioritized; to speak truth unguarded from how we might have believed; and to live on our own terms free from why the past has created the present.

FONZ is a social enterprise.


Through living and working in China as an undercover investigator representing corporations in the fight against Intellectual Property theft, Founder Antonio Matos learned many things.

Protecting yourself from disclosure in a foreign culture requires different thinking, and led to a unique understanding of why the world works.

Antonio witnessed what drives so-called disruption, and innovation; a formidable human drive to secure health and well-being, even at the expense of ourselves, other humans, and without much forethought.

Reflecting on the future one day, Antonio found that he could sense when his phone was going to ping before it would. 


No, Antonio is no psychic, but realized that he was actually experiencing a subtle jolt from the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) used in phones.

Where is EMF and how does it affect the environment Antonio thought. 


What the literature shows about the effects is absolutely astonishing, but not unbelievable. Decades of scientific evidence is showing what his gut felt is the case. Similar to tobacco, industry has made great efforts to downplay the negative effects while promoting the use of faster download speeds.

Thousands of published studies (and increasingly declassified reports like this 1984 one from the since defunded United States Environmental Protection Agency) show serious damage to biological systems, including reproductive harm and DNA damage.

Connecting the dots further with societal trends, and learning from the likes of Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University, and Dr. George Carlo, we started to build solutions to protect the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of the body to EMF.


Given Antonio's previous background and network, we were able to develop a new fabric technology called FaradayTech based on the same technology used by NASA and intelligence agencies like the CIA, and sew it directly into the frontal pouch of our underwear. It's even more soft and functional than normal fabrics. Other EMF-shielding apparel companies use stiff, uncomfortable fabric and do not block 5G.

We also used an organic and flexible bamboo fabric for the rest of the garment, so it’s super comfortable and can be worn during activities as well.

Stay tuned for new product releases as we continue to develop the best solutions for EMF protection.