emf health effects on major organs


1. The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation due to Mobile Phone Use on Thyroid Function

2. Alterations in TSH and Thyroid Hormones following Mobile Phone Use

3. Effect of generated radiofrequency electromagnetic field to heart rate variability

4. Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Induces Oxidative Stress and Pathophysiological Changes in the Cardiovascular System

6. Rethinking Breast Cancer Risk and the Environment: The Case for the Precautionary Principle

7. Cancer Epidemiology Update, following the 2011 IARC evaluation of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields

8. Chronic Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Induces Mild Renal Damages in Rats

9. Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Kidney Function

10. Effect of Exposure to Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Liver Function of Workers

11. The Influence of 50 Hz Magnetic Field on Liver Function