Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are waves that theoretically travel at the speed of light, and we understand them by wavelength.

Lower frequencies like from dirty electricity (electrical wires) have taller wavelengths, travel easier through objects, and have lesser intensity.

Higher frequencies like from 5G cell antennas have shorter wavelengths, travel shorter distances, and have higher intensity.

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Natural EMF like from the sun can be beneficial to our bodies, but today we are exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made EMF.

The proliferation of wireless technologies, like consumer tech such as mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, video games, and cars has made exposure to EMF non-stop.

With 5G already here, our exposures to the wide spectrum of EMF hasn't been measured yet.

While a debate persists as to whether EMF can be harmful, overwhelming evidence in the medical literature shows damaging effects of EMF on men’s health.