About us

The Faraday FONZ story started in Beijing, China where former undercover investigator and Founder A. Daniel Matos first started using a BlackBerry...

Fast forward to a conversation with the late Dr. Martin Blank in Central Park where A.d discovered that he could sense EMF from cell towers just before his fone would ping...

This condition (aka "Electrohypersensitivity") is officially recognized in Scandinavian countries, and is connected with ongoing class action lawsuits against the major cell fone companies as secondary insurance firms deny coverage of health liabilities from EMF emissions...

What could EMF be doing to my body and the environment?

Following rounds of interviews and hangouts with the world's leading EMF experts, FONZ was born


We started with the concept that the world is going to change no matter what, so we ought to impact the world how we want.


A. Daniel Matos