Men's Boxer Brief


Organic bamboo outer fabric with FaradayTech protective shield made with pure silver. 

Softer and more functional than cotton, modal, and synthetics.

Preliminary studies show that reducing exposure can optimize health; boosting testosterone and fertility, and reducing the risk of cancer and erectile dysfunction.

FaradayTech is a super functional silver coated fabric for ultimate protection and performance. It forms a Faraday cage around your package for protection from EMF.

FaradayTech is certified by the Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology to block >50dB (99.999%) of EMF from 10Mhz to 40Ghz, attenuating dirty electricity to 5G frequencies.

FONZ can be machine washed with like colors in cold water, and tumble dried low.

To extend the life of the garment, we recommend hand washing and hang drying. For travel, simply rinsing the garment is sufficient. The garment has been known to be worn many days in a row without complaint of stink😀

FaradayTech will last approximately 200 washes.