What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity - it’s exactly what it sounds like “dirty” but probably not in the way you’re thinking. Dirty electricity is a kind of an electric pollution, a term used for "transient" or irregular EMF emissions. Dirty electricity (like EMFs and wireless radiation) is another form of ‘Electrosmog’. Electrosmog?

ElectroSmog refers to all artificial electromagnetic radiation created and present in our surrounding environment.

Dirty electricity is an erratic form of electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is generated by electronic devices, as they operate. The problem is that most modern electronics operate on direct current (DC) at around 12 volts, while electrical circuits convey electrical energy, using alternating current (AC) at 120, or 240 volts.  Dirty Electricity is generated by arcing, by sparking and by any device that interrupts current flow, especially by switching power supplies.

Dirty electricity was first coined by Dr. Sam Milham, Dr. Milham's findings led him to contact higher-ups in the military and the government, with no response. This prompted him to author his book on dirty electricity. Dr. Milham's work found correlations between communities using little or no electricity and those using dirty electricity. The communities and schools exposed to dirty electricity had a much higher incidence of many chronic diseases and other health afflictions.

Dr. Milham states:

The electric grid began with Edison in 1892 at the Pearl Street Generating Station. It turns out that from the very second, he started generating electricity, he was making dirty electricity. The way I know that is because if you read his publications, he had a big problem with his original generators … They had brush arcing. The way they made electricity was by spinning magnets that had brushes to pick up their contact points

Well it may sound somewhat hocus pocus to those who haven’t heard of this but dirty electricity is far more common than you think. Living in world full of technology mankind is surrounded by dirty electricity. 

Here are some sources of dirty electricity

  • Power lines
  • Solar System Inverters (converting DC power to AC power)
  • CFL and LED Lightbulbs
  • Electric substations
  • Motors, not just vehicles, but generators too
  • Dimmer circuits for lights
  • Fluorescent lighting, particularly strip lighting and CFL lightbulbs
  • Wireless devices, including Wi-Fi and smart meters

Sources of dirty electricity | FONZ

Basically, if you use appliances or electrical devices in your home, you are generating dirty electricity

Is it Harmful?

No, it’s not you can probably just wash it (because it’s dirty?)– Just kidding!

Electrical pollution is an invisible enemy which has been cooking your balls since decades, its not just carcinogenic but also leads to autism, Sleep issues including insomnia or disrupted sleep, depression, DNA Damage (especially in infants), sterility in men, Arrhythmia, fatigue, tinnitus, Disturbances in brain function and even brain cancer.

A study found on Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine states that dirty electricity elevates blood sugar among electrically sensitive diabetics and may explain brittle diabetes - This article presents a paradigm shift in the way we think about diabetes. In addition to Type 1 diabetics, who produce insufficient insulin, and Type 2 diabetics, who are unable to effectively use the insulin they produce, a third type of diabetes may be environmentally exacerbated or induced by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

World Health Organization classifies RF Radiation, a form of EMF Radiation, as a possible “carcinogenic”, which means “cancer causing” through their EMF project.

Dirty Electricity: Invisible role in the US Health Crisis? - States that between 1990-2015 Americans experienced a surge of more than 400 million cases of just 36 fast growing germ-less chronic conditions. Environmental factors such as chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are suspected.

As we add more dependency of electronics in our lives, we increase the chances of exposing ourselves to chronic diseases like these. We sure can’t loose our tech savvy life but we can implement ways to make them safer.

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi device before going to sleep
  • Keep appliances and devices off, or on airplane mode as much as possible
  • Don’t sleep next to your phone
  • Consider using an earthing mat to ground your laptop.
  • Keep a distance from all appliances when in use such as the toaster, kettle, blender, etc
  • Unplug those damn appliances when not in use
  • Replace unsafe electrical devices with safer alternatives
  • Get rid of dimmer switches
  • Stop using Bluetooth headsets if you can
  • Take a break, its okay to live life with lesser dependencies... run for mountains?

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