5 Free & Easy, Hacks & Habits You Can Do Now to Lower EMF Exposure👂

Smile, pat yourself on the back, and throw on your blue-light blocking glasses.

Here are the six things you should be implementing right know to save yourself from EMF:

1. Be using Wifi and not data y'all

EMF from routers are a much lower power than from cell towers. Hey, you'll even score free international calling!

Better yet? GO WIRED (new school, baby.). It's safer (for real, from cyber criminals), and FASTER, duh.

just protect yourself from EMF already, geez

2. Strap on those headphones for [video] calls

put your phone in airplane mode!

Airtubes are like steroids in EMF (tha future) protection world. And take off...those airpods kids.

3. Distance [from devices] is your friend

Laptops don't sit on laps. Take it up during pillow talk; with the phone off, in airplane mode, or in the [other] room.

Ever wonder why reinsurance companies don't insure insurance companies who insure the consumer health liability of corporations??? Yea, man.

Apple & Samsung are getting sued for billions.

which animals are you protecting from radiation?


4. Why it's called "airplane" mode is crazy, but use it

OK. We mentioned it already, but it's probably your best defense from certified phone addiction.

You got it - use WiFi.

put your phone in airplane mode right this instant


5. You won't be needing your router for dream sleep, thx

If you're graduated to scheduling your tech-time then you know how much more cognition you'll have for interacting regularly, like with people in real life. True story.

Don't be lazy, put a sticky on your forehead, whatever - you won't be needing these microwaves at night.

microwaves cook food, and testicles

6. Wear FONZ!

We NEED tech too. But we wear FONZ like errday.

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