7 Health Hacks to Boost Fertility and Increase Your Chances at Pregnancy

Infertility is real for one in eight American couples and male’s are to blame for at least 35% of cases. It's probably much, mucho more.

7 no-brainers to-do now to get those swimmers goin':

1. Drink clean water, alot of it

Amidst the daily grind, we often forget this one.

Get yoself a water bottle and carry it with you everyday. Trips to the WC = exercise. Affirm it.

Ensure it's not made from plastic, with chemicals, that will do your whole health in.

2. Eat right, men

Low cholesterol and low blood pressure balance the hormonal systems.

Keto, Paleolithic, Whole30, Atkins, carnivore, etc. are all wonderful methods to manage your intake.

Ginger, oysters, and tomatoes boost sperm.

3. Cope with modern stress in modern ways

Breathe in awareness. In through the nose, fill your belly, and then exhale slowly through the mouth like you’re exhaling smoke. Feel different?

Meditation techniques like visualizing your partner’s egg fertilized by your sperm is also proven. Apply it!

4. SLEEP, efficiently (not necessarily more)

Airplane mode is good, and turning them off is better.

Also, remove that device from the other side of the wall, or at least your head from the wall where electrical wiring might be.

Room temperature is also important; find the sweet spot.

5. Body movement (aka exercise)

Make boosting your physiology's metabolism a priority.

Simple things like parking farther away, skipping a stair step, and walking on your toes adds up.

Notice the immediate effects on appetite, cognitive performance, and quality of rest when you're optimizing movements.

6. Supplementing with natural chemicals

Before spending on capsules, supplement meals with foods rich in zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, folic acid, and Vitamin E.

These have all been shown to increase sperm counts.

7. Reduce exposure to EMF’s!

There’s no way around your reliance on modern consumer electronic technology.

However, while studies show that EMF can decrease sperm quality and cause damage to the DNA on sperm, they also show that damage can be reversed when exposure is reduced!

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