The Secret Testosterone Biohack

Testosterone. The life force. The Man juice which propels him toward pursuits. Without it, men aren’t biologically men. It’s the most important hormone for humanity, linked to general health, energy, libido, drive, and fertility.

Modernity has hit testosterone hard.

mens health optimization for libido

Less movement, more chemicals, and unhealthy diets have rendered future generations literally half the men their grandfathers were.


  • High caloric consumption
  • Lifting heavy weights often
  • Upping zinc, selenium and vitamin D intake
  • And even things like testosterone replacement therapy

What we're not missing anymore is the invisible, unscented microwave electroenergy (read: EMF) in the environment is wreaking havoc on our balls. 

“However, there were signs of recovery in the boundary tissue following withdrawal from EMF exposure suggesting that when exposure is reduced, the cells can heal.” Folia Morphologica (2005)

Biohack your ballsack now, here.

A 2005 study showed cell phones causing significant damage to nutsack tissues, worsening testosterone production. 

Is this you???

you're frying your balls. take it easy

The scrotum is filled with fluids, conductive fluids, and hold the highest dielectric constant in the body. 

Because scrotal skin has no surface fat to resist EMF, the most sensitive cells of the body are especially vulnerable... Anyways, sweaty balls exacerbate EMF absorption!

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